Efficiency: SkyWay vs Bugatti

09 September 2015 1539

In a conversation with potential investors SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy proves that his transport system is 20−25 times more energy efficient than cars on the example of a unibus and the fastest car in the world Bugatti Veyron. With figures and facts in hands, he analyzes in detail the features of both vehicles, explaining why the latter cannot reach the speed of the first. Compared are the following aspects: motion method of the vehicle (rubber tire on asphalt and steel wheel on rail), transport systems themselves, aerodynamics, the number of passengers carried and power spent on transportation.

At the end of the conversation Dr. Yunitskiy concludes that the SkyWay transport system has an order of magnitude greater efficiency due to the following basic features:

- the lack of an air screen;

- the unique aerodynamic shape of the unibus;

- the steel wheel.

Mikhail Kirichenko

Head of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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