“Crosscut” on Work Fronts

14 February 2017 2429

Preparation for the next stage of performance trials for unibike is under way on-site at the SkyWay pilot production facility. Engineers carry out calibration of the vehicle using the data obtained previously. With adjustments for weight and size, this information is also applied when setting up the traction module of unibus being tested under laboratory conditions at this stage. Work on creating other types of rolling stock is continuing.

The process of building all the three test tracks goes on at EcoTechnoPark. The Contractors proceed with assembly of truss structure on the high-speed/urban system, have added improvements to the exterior of the station functioning as an anchor support, go on installing trusses on reversal sections of the lightweight urban route and have completed the installation of two anchor supports at the cargo track.


Evgeny Petrov

Editor in chief of information services for international group of companies SkyWay, specialist in philosophy of science and technology

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