EcoTechnoPark: start of operation trials

29 November 2016 9774

The SkyWay Group of Companies announces the beginning of operation trials with rolling stock at EcoTechnoPark, the launch of which was started on the section of a lightweight urban track. Unibike became the first to be arranged on string rails. It will undergo the whole complex ofnecessary tests scheduled to be completed in spring 2017.

The successful launch of unibike is a long-awaited event not only for the General designer and author of SkyWay technology Anatoly Yunitskiy, but also for all employees of SkyWay Technologies Co. and investors for whom this event became a small but a meaningful and cherished victory, a bright symbol of their hours-long labor, as well as a watertight argument, once again confirming that "Yunitskiy’s string transport shall exist!"

Viacheslau Eutukh

Specialist of Marketing department for international group of companies SkyWay

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