Construction process at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

13 November 2015 1597

We offer our partners to review the next video report on the construction process at EcoTechnoPark.  with the comments of a representative from the contractor company, chief engineer of "Stroymontazh" Ltd. Kyrill Shumskiy. He said that, besides other things, at present the following works are performed on the EcoTechnoPark site: reinforcement of poles and stiffening diaphragms on the anchor support, arrangement of foundation pockets for intermediate supports and preparation for assembly and installation of the unique SkyWay string fencing.

Kyrill Shumskiy also noted high standards of the SkyWay Technologies Co. demonstrated both in designing and supply of the construction site of such a complex and unparalleled object like EcoTechnoPark. 

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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