Construction of high-speed route bypassing Russia

04 December 2015 1558

On November 28 in Istanbul representatives of the major transport and logistics operators in Turkey and China, together with Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia signed an agreement on consolidation of efforts to create a logistics system that will connect the West of China and Europe. The media dubbed this project as the "new Silk road". A specialist in the field of economics, business planning and strategic management Kirill Badulin analyzed the prospects of this decision and its further implications. You can read the expert’s conclusions in his new article "Construction of high-speed route bypassing Russia".

"On the one hand, the construction of the high-speed route from China to Turkey through Central Asia and Iran may in part have a negative impact on the development of Russian Siberia and the Far East. On the other hand, it can be argued that the Chinese investments in the development of transport infrastructure in Central Asia and the Middle East in the long term can bring to the countries of these regions not only advantages, but also serious problems. Russia has no need to repeat the mistakes of others, therefore it is necessary to bet on the development of innovative transport technologies that will lead the country to economic growth and prosperity without damaging the environment and the quality of people’s life."

Kirill Badulin

Specialist in economics, business planning and strategic management for international group of companies SkyWay

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