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Risk Assessment

Risks of investing into SKYWAY EcoTechnoPark are minimal due to the following reasons:

Independent expert evaluation undergone

Innovativeness of the technology has been confirmed by the opinion of the Expert Council at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

start of
construction 2015

The Contract for the land plot lease for the period of 30 years with the right to extend was signed. Track and infrastructure construction began.

functioning project design

- More than 120 highly qualified specialists.

- 4 Candidates of Sciences and 1 Doctor of Sciences.

- Own experimental production.

- Quality control is carried out in compliance with the Standards of the Republic of Belarus, Quality Standards of the Russian Federation, as well as European and World standards.

current certificates of third category

- For development of design documentation for construction objects,
- For performing the functions of general design engineer,
- For performing the functions of customer and developer, as well as for rendering engineering services when carrying out construction of objects with 1–4 complexity classes,
- 9 patents, 5 certificates and licenses obtained from official bodies of the Republic of Belarus.

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