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Reliable Investment in SKYWAY

Legal Transparency of the Company

Validity of SkyWay shares is easy to confirm by specifying the unique international identification number in the independent database for securities codes ( or or by requesting it at ISIN organization.

ISIN standard is assigned to all officially registered financial instruments and is used all over the world to determine specific securities.

Support of International Organizations

The author and general designer of SkyWay technologies Anatoly Yunitskiy has been a leader of two UN projects, realization of which is an integral part of the project on development and implementation of the technologies, as well as on creation of related infrastructure in cities, where SkyWay tracks will be laid.

At present, the team headed by Anatoly Yunitskiy is carrying out work on implementation of the third UN project, which is directly connected with the construction of the centre for international assessment and certification of SkyWay technologies – EcoTechnoPark.

State Qualification

Validity of the investment project is confirmed by estimates of designated state organizations.

The National Agency of Investment and Privatization of the Republic of Belarus has placed SkyWay EcoTechnoPark Project to the database of investment projects of the country (top-10 in terms of investment volume).

Recognition of SkyWay Technology by Scientific and Technical Community

SkyWay technology has successfully undergone a range of expert evaluations, carried out by teams of leading specialists in transport area. Among them are the Expert Council at the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg State Transport University, Institute of Transport Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Australian consulting company (infrastructure construction) MBMpl PTY Ltd. and others.

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