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Profitability and market demand

3 Excellent Reasons for Investing


- Due to low capital and operating expenses, SkyWay can occupy up to 50% of share on transport market.
- SkyWay technologies are especially effective for developing hard-to-reach territories and mineral deposits.
- In perspective, SkyWay string transport can partially replace conventional kinds of transport due to higher efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety.


- The amount of direct investment in EcoTechnoPark construction will be about USD 240 mln.
- According to forecasts, the commercial value of the Project will be dozens of times higher.

SkyWay market value

- Current assessment of the Company market value, according to our investors, already exceeds USD 2 bln, whereas the SkyWay intellectual property was estimated to be USD 400 bln by the independent examination in 2013.

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