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It is an Australian company, which specializes in the sphere of transport, infrastructure, planning, environment, property and management, and is engaged in implementing the string transport project SkyWay in Australia.

It is an organization, which solves the problems of energy and ecological security. Members of this Association are producers and suppliers to the Belarusian market of technologies and equipment for using the wind, water and sun energy, as well as equipment for making fuel obtained as a result of recycling waste and biological feedstock.

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is the most famous technical University in Slovakia. The University offers technical education, attracting students to research in natural sciences, computer science, construction, architecture, chemistry, food industry and materials engineering. According to the Slovak rating agency "АRRА", Slovak University of Technology is for a long time the best University that trains specialists in the following areas: chemical technologies, computer and technical sciences.

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