International corporation
with prospects to cover up to 50%
of the world market for transport

Construction has already started

You can take part in financing the construction of the first operating industrial prototype for SkyWay transport and infrastructure systems – EcoTechnoPark.

Thanks to investments, it will become possible to present and certify track sections in EcoTechnoPark, as well as a rolling stock for speedy, urban and cargo transport designed under SkyWay technology.

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Project Prospects

  • Performance capabilities of the new transport will allow to cover a huge segment on the world market
  • Transport systems SkyWay will be connected with the existing transport and infrastructure complexes
  • Mining industry will get an opportunity to develop mineral deposits in hard-to-reach places
  • SkyWay technology will allow to build tracks of any complexity and length, including transcontinental ones
  • The cost of transatlantic track under SkyWay technology will be compared to the construction cost of the tunnel under the English Channel
Details of participation
13 April 2017
SkyWay in Mogilev

Skyway Technologies Co. received an order for project designing an urban route.

28 November 2016

Start of running tests at EcoTechnoPark ― a photo report on the event and a promotional video related to it.

31 October 2016

Interview with Victor Dolgiy, engineer-technologist of the Design Bureau “Reinforced concrete structures” of the SkyWay design Company

17 August 2016

Measurment of the installation quality of supports at the urban track with laser-measuring instruments

16 August 2016

Anatoly Yunitskiy demonstrated and commented on the process of assembling a unibike and a unibus at the experimental production facility.

26 July 2016

The SkyWay Group of Companies presents the long-awaited video on the demonstration and certification center of SkyWay technologies. Head of information service had a tour at the EcoTechnoPark construction site, where he spoke about the current construction stage.

19 July 2016
 SkyWay Director inspected work areas

Anatoly Yunitskiy has visited the premises of the experimental production facility "Unibus" and the construction site, where he personally supervised the progress of works in all areas and gave a number of instructions on the optimization of production processes.

18 July 2016
EcoTechnoPark in the middle of summer

We started the process of building a section of the route, which will further demonstrate the full operating range of the SkyWay freight system.

15 July 2016

The information service prepared a unique footage of tests on truss-string elements of the SkyWay overpass for acoustics and vibration with the aim to prove the advantages of structures filled with special SkyWay concrete over hollow structures.

08 July 2016
EcoTechnoPark — routine work to create the future

The contractor has completed the process of building foundations for anchor supports of the "lightweight route" in the SkyWay demonstration and certification center. Everything is ready to demonstrate how the support body can be mounted on the foundation for 24 hours.

16 June 2016

This week, our Australian colleagues headed by Mr. Rod Hook, Director of “SkyWay Transport Australia”, have visited the office of SkyWay Group of Companies in Minsk. We offer an airy teaser of the video report, devoted to the visit of our foreign guests, to your attention.

13 June 2016

Carrying out earthwork operations for intermediate supports of the lightweight transport line and further concrete bedding of foundation pits. At the high-speed and urban lines, there has been finished form setting for walls of the second anchor support.

06 June 2016
SkyWay string rails – next phase of testing concrete mixes

Today we present to your attention a photo report from the laboratory of the Belarusian National Technological University, where successful testing for viscosity of concrete mixes has passed. This time they were testing viscosity features of concrete, which are crucial when pumping it through string rails between anchor supports.

01 June 2016
EcoTechnoPark in the first day of summer

The first summer photo report from the SkyWay demonstration center this year. Work to dismantle the formwork of the monolithic foundation slab at the second anchor support. Reinforcement of monolithic walls at the second anchor support. Distribution of Г-shaped supports along the entire length of the SkyWay lightweight route.

31 May 2016

Production of SkyWay string rails has started! At the very end of spring, a convoy of four heavy-duty trucks arrived at one of “BelLuxStroy” production sections. They contain valuable cargo – high-quality steel profile for SkyWay track structure – which was sent from Finland a few days ago.

11 May 2016
SkyWay in Mintrans of Russia: the next stage of expert examination has passed successfully

On March 25, 2016 there was held a meeting of the Working group on enhancing the innovativeness of public procurement in the transport complex of the Russian Federation with the participation of representatives from the SkyWay Group of Companies. The Working group mark out the prospects of SkyWay transport technology, expressed its support and decided to re-examine the technology after its prototype is tested.

04 May 2016
The first May photo report from EcoTechnoPark

The contractors have completed the construction of the main part of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support. At the moment, they are concreting the stiffness diaphragms and internal walls of the third level, where it is planned to arrange a green roof in the future.

27 April 2016
EcoFest in photos

On April 23, the investors and partners of the SkyWay project gathered for EcoFest in EcoTechnoPark – the demonstration center of SkyWay technologies, – to see with their own eyes that everything is real.

22 April 2016
SkyWay in Mintrans of Russia: what is important and need to know

On February 11, 2016 a landmark event from the point of view of developing the SkyWay group of companies occurred – the SkyWay transport technology was recognized as innovative by the Expert Council of the Russian Ministry of transport. On March 25, 2016 representatives of the SkyWay Technologies Co. became the participants of the next Meeting of the Working group on enhancing the innovativeness of public procurements in the transport complex of the Russian Federation, where the SkyWay technology has strengthened its position.

14 April 2016

The stuff of SkyWay Technologies Co. prepares for EcoFest in EcoTechnoPark, where construction works continue in full swing. The contractors filled the ceiling panel at the second level with concrete and continued tensioning of the intellectual string fencing along the 3 km perimeter.

13 April 2016
EcoTechnoPark prepares to EcoFest

Just a week and a half remains till the main event of this spring – SkyWay EcoFest. All the SkyWay team efforts are focused on the preparation for the event. We understand, however, how great is the desire of our investors to know what is happening now in the demonstration and certification center of SkyWay technologies. We publish the long-awaited photo report.

06 April 2016

Chief expert Anton Romanyuk explains the methods of calculating construction cost estimates at SkyWay.

31 March 2016

Dr. A.Yunitskiy described the functions of the unique concrete mixtures developed by SkyWay. The staff of the SkyWay laboratory have prepared 5 concrete mixtures with different rheological properties for filling string rails. They were successfully tested in a simulation of a string-rail track structure 100 m long.

28 March 2016

On Saturday, March 26, 2016 the General director-General designer of the SkyWay Technologies Co. Anatoly Yunitskiy visited EcoTechnoPark and inspected three contractor companies building the transport and logistics hub, an auxiliary access road and the intellectual string fencing on the test site.

25 March 2016

The new premises of the experimental Department of SkyWay Technologies Co. where they are creating a full-size model of the SkyWay rolling stock. The workshops and warehouse of finished products at the "Belenergostroyindustria" plant. The builders continue to prepare the ceiling panel of the first floor for concreting.

24 March 2016
Photo report from SkyWay EcoTechnoPark dated March 24

The new premises of the experimental Department of SkyWay Technologies Co., which is working on the creation of the SkyWay rolling stock model in 1 : 1 scale. The workshops and warehouse of finished products at the plant "Belenergostroyindustria": they have prepared socket-type foundations, г-shaped casting mold and stiffness diaphragms for intermediate supports of a lightweight track structure, the construction of which begins in parallel with the construction of urban and high-speed tracks. EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka: removal of the formwork from the pylons of the northern wall on the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, the start of mounting ceiling for the first floor, installation of structural elements for the intellectual string fencing and construction of the walking path, which will serve as an access road during the construction phase.

18 March 2016

This week it became known that the SkyWay project would participate in the International exhibition-trade fair InnoTrans, which will take place on September 20−23 in Berlin. Mikhail Kirichenko discussed the prerequisites and possible prospects of this event with the deputy Director on development of SkyWay Technologies Co. Victor Baburin.

17 March 2016

In the next report from the information service of the International SkyWay Group of Companies its Manager Mikhail Kirichenko visited the EcoTechnoPark construction site − the center of practical implementation of SkyWay innovative technologies, their international examination and certification. On March 16 the workers continued the process of pouring concrete into the formwork of the stiffness diaphragm on pylons at the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub that functions as the terminal anchor support. The process of erecting pylons on the first floor will be completed by this and the construction team will be able to begin installing the floor slab. In parallel, they started assembly of the elements for the intellectual string fencing, which is scheduled to be completed by mid-April. After that, potential buyers of this product will be able to see it and verify its effectiveness, efficiency and reliability.

16 March 2016
Photo report from EcoTechnoPark of March 16

Designer supervision. Control of accepting concrete mixture for stiffness diaphragms on the first floor. Checking the accompanying documentation on the concrete mixture. Filling of concrete cubes for subsequent strength tests in the laboratory. Pouring concrete in pylons on the right side of the first floor of the transport and logistics hub. Fabrication of elements for intermediate supports of the SkyWay intellectual fencing with the following assembly of intermediate and anchor supports for the intellectual fencing and stretching of the string fencing system. According to preliminary estimates, the complex installation of the SkyWay fencing will take about a month.

15 March 2016
Photo report on EcoTechnoPark construction

The final stage of formwork assembly on the pylons of stiffness diaphragm on the first floor at the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, performing the role of terminal anchor support for the functioning industrial model of urban and high-speed passenger SkyWay routes. Preparation for pouring the concrete in. Construction of a walking path designed for exploring the key elements of the SkyWay transport and logistics systems after commissioning the EcoTechnoPark in operation.

04 March 2016
Photo report from EcoTechnoPark dated March 4

Designer supervision. Inspection of reinforcement for the diaphragm on the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support – no deviations from the project documentation have been found. Removal of formwork from the stiffness diaphragm on the northern wall, arrangement of formwork on the southern wall of the first floor. Inspection of diaphragm structures after the removal of formwork. Checking of the site diary and certificates to concrete mixture.

01 March 2016

In EcoTechnoPark there has been completed the concreting of the reinforced concrete diaphragm of the first floor in the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support. In the new video report we will show the readiness degree of this complex structure.

24 February 2016
EcoTechnoPark: stage of manufacturing metal structuresм

We are entering the stage of manufacturing metal structures, which, being assembled on the construction site, after the arrangement and preliminary stressing of the strings, will turn into a perfectly smooth, strong and durable rail-string transport overpass.On February 23, the specialists of SkyWay Technologies Co. headed by the General director-General designer visited the office of the company VDS, which is known as a market leader in the field of designing and producing civil structures.

19 February 2016
Photo report from EcoTechnoPark dated February 19

Construction continues on the first floor of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support. On the photo − binding of reinforcement on walls and rigidity diaphragms of the anchor support first floor, installation of formwork for concrete pouring.

18 February 2016
Russia acknowledged SkyWay

The Expert Council under the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation acknowledged SkyWay string technology as innovative.

12 February 2016

On February 10, 2016, they have completed the installation of the last steel (!) intermediate support for the urban SkyWay transportation complex. Structural elements were welded together and its assembly was finished. Why did we have to do 17 reinforced concrete supports and one made of steel? The answer is in the video release.

11 February 2016

Assembly of the last steel intermediate support. Welding of structural elements. Reinforcement of load-bearing walls and diaphragms of the first floor of the first anchor support.

05 February 2016

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the construction is gaining momentum. They passed through snow, frost and icy wind. Now they are fighting with the mud. Nothing can stop the builders of EcoTechnoPark!

04 February 2016
Photo report from EcoTechnoPark: designer supervision

Control of concrete quality on the floor panel over the ground floor of the anchor support. Control of reinforcement quality and its condition, diameter and spacing of stirrups. Quality control of welded seams on link beams and stands of intermediate supports. Slinging of stands of intermediate supports before their installation in socket-type foundations. Acceptance inspection of component parts in the metal intermediate support. Geodesic survey of location and control of the installation accuracy. Backfilling of the pit for intermediate supports.

29 January 2016

At the territory of EcoTechnoPark, concrete was poured into the formwork of the 1st level floor panel of the transport-logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support. Work began early in the morning and lasted to the evening, until the cargo of the last concrete mixer truck was processed.

17 January 2016

Anatoly Yunitskiy explained, what happens in EcoTechnoPark at the moment. To your attention there is the interview of the General director-General designer straight from the demo center, as well as unique footage of snow-covered EcoTechnoPark from the height of a bird flight.

16 January 2016
 Photo report from EcoTechnoPark dated January 16

Installation of jumpers at intermediate supports. Laying out of axes, control of design marks and sizes of an intermediate support. Welding of the point joining the jumper with intermediate support pillars. Arrangement of reinforcement for the ceiling panel above the ground floor of the anchor support. Struggle with bad weather − protection of reinforcement against snow and ice. General view of EcoTechnoPark.

30 December 2015
EcoTechnoPark: photo report of December 30

The work continues even on the holiday eve. The concrete formwork is removed from the first (South) stiffening diaphragm. Construction of the first level of the multifunctional transport and logistics complex is nearing completion. The builders are arranging reinforcement of the ground floor ceiling.

23 December 2015

We have recently looked behind the scenes of the experimental Department − the center of model-prototyping work, and have received sufficiently detailed information about its work. However, the structures in full size noticed at our pilot production facility caused a huge amount of speculations and questions from our viewers. Today we received the answers from the creator of the SkyWay technologies A. Yunitskiy

16 December 2015
Designer supervision of December 15

Dynamics of EcoTechnoPark construction in the photo report from the SkyWay group of companies. The next designer supervision: measuring the geometric dimensions of the intermediate support cross-beam for compliance with the design documentation; visual quality inspection of eliminated inaccuracies in the manufacture of the intermediate support pillar; сontrol of formwork for the cross-beam and lintel of the intermediate support.

14 December 2015

The Head of information services of the SkyWay international group of companies have visited the demonstration center of SkyWay technologies, where he watched the process of assembling the first intermediate support. The facts and footage of the unique event are in our next news release.

10 December 2015

The President of the SkyWay group of companies Anatoly Yunitskiy, the author of the "Intellectual fencing" project provides his comments on it. The Head of the news service Mikhail Kirichenko reveals himself from a new side.

09 December 2015

The Head of information services of the SkyWay international group of companies Mikhail Kirichenko tells why the SkyWay string fencing is called intellectual, and what force majeure this element of the transport infrastructure complex is able to withstand. The Chief Project designer Leonid Lazovskiy gives his comments.

03 December 2015

In the next release viewers will once again be on the site of the test and certification center for the SkyWay innovative technology and will be able to survey the extent of the progressing construction literally from the height of a bird’s flight. The chief engineer of "Stroymontazh Ltd." Kirill Shumskiy gives his comments.

01 December 2015

The process of formwork assembling for pylons and stiffness diaphragm on the ground floor of SkyWay transport and logistics unit, combined with anchor support.

30 November 2015

Examination of column structures for intermediate supports and column reinforcing cages for compliance with the design documentation.

27 November 2015
EcoTechnoPark: photo report of November 27

EcoTechnoPark construction progress: formwork assembling for pylons and stiffness diaphragm on the ground floor of SkyWay transport and logistics unit, combined with anchor support. Regular designer supervision: examination of column structures for intermediate supports and column reinforcing cages for compliance with the design documentation.

26 November 2015

Polyfunctional passenger stations SkyWay will become a unique case in the history of world transport, when transport infrastructure elements will not harm the environment. What beneficially distinguishes SkyWay "green" technologies from their analogies in the world and why are they still not implemented? Doctor Anatoly Yunitskiy has answered these and many other questions.

10 November 2015
EcoTechnoPark: Photo Report of November 10

Here is the photo report on the current SkyWay construction stage. At present, pylon reinforcement binding for the first SkyWay anchor support is taking place.

05 October 2015
EcoTechnoPark: the first seedlings

On October 3, the campaign "Plant a tree" was successfully launched. Its main goal is planting of greenery and landscaping of SkyWay demonstration center.

01 October 2015

Construction works do not stop even at weekends. General Director – General Designer personally controls this process. In a special video report, Doctor Anatoly Yunitskiy has told about what is going on at the construction site at present.

26 September 2015

On EcoTechnoPark territory, there were carried out successful tests of urban suspended transport system SkyWay using the functioning physical model.

24 September 2015

This time we present you a prompt video report right from the venue – EcoTechnoPark construction site. The videos illustrate the process of formwork arranging for anchor support foundation, preparation for filling the pond with water and installation of road plates for concrete delivery.

17 September 2015

SkyWay construction site was visited by a famous Australian expert, engaged in transport sector, Mr Rod Hook. Together with Doctor Anatoly Yunitskiy, they examined the territory of future EcoTechnoPark and watched the construction progress with their own eyes.

16 April 2015
Video Report from SkyWay Land Plot

This is EcoTechnoPark territory before carrying out preparatory works. The land plot with the area of almost 36 ha, where the Development centre for innovative SkyWay transport systems will be built, is in its primeval form. However, SkyWay future is already on the horizon.

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