Most environmentally friendly transport

The farther into the 21st century, the clearer it becomes − traditional transport can not cope with those functions that were entrusted to it by humankind. Transport systems used everywhere are not mobile and dangerous. They don't relieve the problems of environmental pollution and are highly dependent on human factor. For many years they try to develop "the best-of-the best" transport in Japan, China, America, Israel... And it seems everybody is already resigned to the fact that on the post-Soviet territory there are no and will not be efficient and, more importantly, effective transport innovations. This task is accorded to the East and the West long ago. However, the former Soviet republics do not intend to lose ground without a fight.

Belarus claims the title of world's transportation capital

In the Republic of Belarus they are building EcoTechnoPark – the world's first center of SkyWay transport innovations. This is the name of the place where the environmentally friendly transport alternative will be demonstrated in action. It will be offered to the whole world by the Russian and Belarusian scientist Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Principle of operation

The string transport received its unusual name due to the innovative track structure – rail-string overpass. SkyWay string rail looks virtually identical to the traditional train rail. All innovations are inside − at the base of this rail there are strings stressed by stretching and made of high-quality steel wire. After fixing the strings, the interior of the rail is filled with a hardening mass based on cement.

These strings, together with the rails, are rigidly fixed on anchor supports installed after every 3 kilometers, and are supported by intermediate supports arranged in every 50 meters. The rail head, on which a unibus (a vehicle, named after the creator′s last name) will run, stays perfectly flat, without sags and joints throughout its whole length.


 Such design allows to achieve unique performance of the whole SkyWay transport system: the string rail is characterized by high strength, rigidity, evenness, adaptability to streamlined manufacture and assembly, low material consumption and a wide operating temperature range.

The location of the track structure above the ground is critical to reduce the cost of construction. According to an independent evaluation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, SkyWay innovative transport technology is the most economical, environmentally friendly and safe out of all known and future transport systems. The mere fact of raising the track structure above the ground increases safety by about 100 times. SkyWay eliminates the risk of vehicle collision with pedestrians and other obstacles, which is the major cause of accidents in traditional vehicles. The presence of the anti-derailment system in the wheels of a unibus raises safety by another 10 times.

The most interesting are unique performance indicators that distinguish SkyWay transport from any of the currently known public means of transport. For example, high speed (up to 500 km/h) and resistance to extreme climatic conditions make SkyWay transport to be the main competitor of aviation. A small area of affected land and economical efficiency allows it to compete with such a giant as the road transport.


The creators did not overlook the main tendency of the latest time – respectful treatment of the environment. No earthen mounds, minimum land acquisition, reduction of emission volume of harmful substances into the atmosphere make SkyWay a serious contender for the title of the most eco-friendly vehicle in the world.

According to preliminary estimates, all this and more will be demonstrated to the public in 2018 when the planned overall commissioning of EcoTechnoPark in operation will take place.


Video: A. Yunitskiy about the purchase cost and maintenance of a personal unibus! Answers to all questions about the experimental production of the vehicle in full size. A personal unibus and luxury cars − super cars. SkyWay technology − more comfortable, safer and more economical than any car. A vehicle from 1,000 (one thousand) dollars! Fuel saving − 15 thousand dollars per family per year with regular use of a personal unibus. Comparison of a car and a personal unibus.