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The significance of Anatoly Yunitskiy’s projects for the development of the transport sector can only be compared with the invention of the car. The idea of erecting SkyWay routes appeared in the railroad engineer’s mind several decades ago and is currently being implemented: this fall the "Zero kilometer" of the SkyWay route was laid in Pukhavichy district, Belarus.

The correspondent of "MP" learned firsthand about the features of this fundamentally new project from its author and designer. Anatoly Yunitskiy thinks rationally and in complex, so that it becomes clear at once: everything in the world is feasible. Speedy and safe transport, without any damage to nature, − this is our "Sky vehicle" created by the SkyWay technology, or, in scientific terms, — the transport and infrastructure complex with the elevated rail-string track structure.

 Anatoly Yunitskiy speaks about the advantages of the new type of transport enthusiastically and convincingly. He considers environmental friendliness and safety as its most important qualities. — In the construction of such facilities every inch of land will be used, — says Dr. Yunitskiy. — For comparison: if the existing ground transportation destroys the soil, we will carefully reclaim it.

For example, solid concrete roadbed is not used in the construction of track supports for SkyWay, instead  multi-level tower stations with vertical gardens will be built. Moreover, the soil that is removed during the construction of towers, will then be used for green plants in the towers themselves. The cost of construction and operation of such a route is significantly lower than that of the existing transport systems, and there will be much more greenery along them.

Very important seems the saving of surface area (use of the second space level) and designed safety of the track structure. Every unibus (that is the name of the new vehicle type developed by Anatoly Yunitskiy) has an anti-derailment system, radically different from the current rail one. Even in case of a threat (terrorist attack or technological accident), unibuses will not come off a rail track, but simply stop. Such system is completely capable to withstand powerful earthquakes, floods, landslides. It should be noted that the safety of this transport is much higher than the aviation one.

− In Pukhavichy district, located near the capital and having suitable flat terrain, we want to build test sections, and then show to the world how the new route operates, — says Anatoly Yunitskiy. — We established contacts with the Pukhavichy district Executive Committee, where there is interest in attracting investors for the project implementation. And indeed, Mariyna Gorka is a town with developed infrastructure and good prospects.

His projects, even in graphical version, remind the gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. And illustrations for a science-fiction novel... − In my childhood and youth I read a lot. And then I even corresponded with the well-known fiction writer Arthur Clark. My minor Motherland is the village of Kryuki in Bragin district, in my childhood I used to walk there barefoot, feeling the unity with nature. You have to love your land and cherish it; therefore, the principle of a balanced relationship with nature formed the basis of the SkyWay project. SkyWay is the best option for Belarus that does not have significant reserves of natural resources. We could prosper due to new technologies. In 1997 President Alexander Lukashenko put forward this idea. By now, we have developed the EcoTechnoPark project, passed the necessary state expert examination, signed a contract to rent a land plot and received a permit for construction. We have also created a functioning design engineering company "SkyWay Technologies Co.", which employs over a hundred of highly qualified professionals. In short, all the prerequisites for a technological breakthrough are created. And if we surpass the world in technologies now, we'll surpass it for centuries!"

The recipient of numerous awards and honors in the field of transport, Anatoly Yunitskiy lives today with the dream to implement in Belarus one of his fantastic projects — to erect an overhead line of SkyWay route, fast, sustainable and unprecedented.

World-renowned scientist, inventor and entrepreneur Anatoly Yunitskiy dreamed about space since childhood, he was obsessed with the idea of extraterrestrial movement in space. Imagination never left him even in his sleep — they found their embodiment. So real one that after waking up, there was the feeling of some place just abandoned by him "there.

Probably, already then the boy Tolya, the future author of more than 140 inventions, 30 of which have been successfully implemented in the USSR national economy, member of the Federation of cosmonautics of the USSR, the author of the SkyWay transport system and General designer of the Company, engaged in designing such "extraterrestrial highways", could travel in time.

You can see the article "SkyWay route of Anatoly Yunitskiy" on the website of "Minskaya pravda" newspaper at the link (in Russian).

Ulyana Orlova

Correspondent of information services for international group of companies SkyWay

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